Standing on a moving point

Deep breathing now, because while I ‘get’ rhizomatics in the abstract, in the real world, it disturbs me (I have to assume that’s “learning”). So I am thinking… what is important here for me (my subjective) is to get a sense of ‘being’ that is lucid, loose and yet stable. Where-ever I go, there I am.

So I can see myself as standing on moving point.. and moving on that point whichever way I want, following others down rabbitholes, bumping into nodes of supercomplexity, wallowing in lost spaces, imagining edges, throwing out the road before before me… and I feel somewhat calmer.

In this rhizomatic world, it is easy to imagine the roots running somewhat sideways, across the surface, or just under the soil, clinging to the zone of warmth and water, the zone of the knowable, the conditions for life. But this is just more of the same. What if I plunge my roots deeper into the earth? Paying attention to the depth dimension, travelling to the inner a little bit more, pulled mystically toward some profound underground aquifer?

…and by adding dimension after dimension… what if we bend time and space by rhizomatically being in five dimensions, or six, or ten? What kind of ‘being’ are we then? Or am I having a metaphysical breakdown?


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